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Display date: 2014-06-10



We're happy to have been voted BEST TANGO PERFORMERS of the year by the Latin UK (LUKAS) Awards.

A little word about these Awards. Some of you asked why we weren't asking people to vote for us this year. We decided not to support the Awards as last year the voting system seemed to be flawed and open to cheating.

So it came as a great surprise that we won ANYWAY. It turns out that this year, 50% of decision was made by judges (from Argentina and Strictly Come Dancing). And it seems that despite not canvassing votes, the judges liked our videos!

So that is a nice feeling. We hope to meet with the LUKAS people to see how they can further improve their nominations and voting process. Next year, we hope to be nominated for the category we feel most passionate about: TEACHING. :)

The Gala Awards Ceremony will take place on 30 April. We have been invited to perform but we did not want to cancel our regular Wednesday night Improvers class. Our students come first! However, we do hope to get along there afterwards to pick up our Award.

Thanks to all who voted for us and here is to another year of teaching (and sometimes performing!) tango in London.

Best wishes,