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Display date: 2014-06-10



Keep the feedback coming! It's always good to hear that we're still doing things right and it give us a warm fuzzy feeling!

"Joining Tango Movement classes was the best thing I have done for 2014. Really loving the classes and absolutely hooked from day 1. You are such an inspiration - amazing dancers and excellent teachers. It's lots of fun and turning out to be the highlight of my weeks. You make the magic of tango come alive - dancing from the heart and soul." - Ann Tradigo

"I am bereft because I shall have to miss the last of your afternoon sessions this Saturday! A big birthday looms and my children have booked a matinee show. I would far rather spend the afternoon in Marshall Street! I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful lessons. You are great dancers, great teachers and a lovely warm couple. I have been learning tango for seven months now. In the summer I spent 10 days in Buenos Aires and took some classes there. Nobody has inspired me in the way that you have. I have resolved never to stop dancing tango." - Glynis

"I have been looking for a tango class for a while, across London, not liking what I found. But tonight I went to your Beginners class and this is it! This is what I was looking for! Well done and thank you. I will be back." - Marie-Noelle

"Thank you for all your effort and passion in bringing tango to us - it truly makes a difference to my whole life and I could not have wished for better teachers ... you are brilliant!" - Robert