Central London Studio



Welcome to our atmospheric dance studio in the heart of Spitalfields, central London.


A historic building, smooth wooden floors, and warm surroundings create the perfect environment to explore tango.

We hope you’ll come to consider this is your tango “home from home”.

The most beautiful tango space ever!


The happiest place in London


A magical place to get lost in the beauty of tango.


the outside of our tango venue


Our London studio is in the historic Old Soup Kitchen of Spitalfields.

Ours is the middle door (it says number 9) – underneath the beautiful arch with the date engraved.

Address: Door 9B, Old Soup Kitchen, 17-19 Brune Street, Spitalfields, E1 7NZ

We are just a short walk from Liverpool Street station and next door to the famous market.

gilded mirror in studio
decorative details in studio
close up of studio mirror


Our studio is home to a boutique Gyrotonic® training room.

Gyrotonic® is a unique movement system, extremely popular with professional dancers and athletes.

The practice will mobilise your spine and condition your muscles in preparation for tango.

By prior appointment only.

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