Followers Technique: Loosening

Followers Technique: Loosening


  • Duration: 23 mins
  • Partner Needed: No
  • Level: Improver Upwards

Kim will guide you through a warm-up designed to strengthen and loosen our feet and legs. We will then explore the correct leg and foot positions, the common pitfalls and give your tango some beautiful inspiration.

This class was filmed live and includes useful student interaction.

PART I: Ankle Warm-Up
PART II: Strengthening Feet & Legs
PART III: Loosening the Legs
Part IV: The “Silk Scarf” (one of Kim’s favourite leg movements)

Level Guide

  • Beginners: 0 – 6 months
  • Improvers: 6 – 18 months
  • Intermediate: 12 months – 2 years
  • Advanced: 2 years +
  • Technique: suitable for all levels from Improver upwards
  • Basic Technique: suitable for all levels

This is a rough guide only as we are all so different! If you’re not sure whether this tangorial is for you, please feel free to get in touch!

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