Our Beautiful City Studio

Online & Studio Options

As lockdown eases, we can now offer both online and studio classes. Our studio classes strictly follow government guidelines to ensure your safety.


Studio classes take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings in our private dance studio in the City.

You can choose between private (solo, with your partner or bubble buddy) or mini-group classes (with 2 or 3 couples).

For Your Safety:

  • Your teacher will always maintain 2 metres distance.
  • There will be no partner changes.
  • Pre-registration is essential.
  • Windows will be open for ventilation.
  • The Studio will be carefully cleaned before entry.

To enquire or book your studio private or mini-group class, click here.


Online Tango continues at full flow!

We believe ours to be the best around with close-up cameras, big screens and a wide variety of options.

We love the learning experience that online classes offer - if you haven't tried them yet, you could be in for a wonderful surprise!

Online Options:

  • Group Classes - view our weekly schedule
  • Private Classes - solo, with your partner or bubble buddy
  • Mini-Group (2 to 3 couples) - with your partner or bubble buddy

To enquire or book your online tango class, please get in touch.