Tango Zoom Social

Online Tango Classes

Technique classes are taken on your own, without a partner.

Technique plays a fundamental part in becoming a good tango dancer. The classes explore key areas such as balance, posture, musicality and elegance, which can be tricky to focus on when you're with a partner.

The pandemic is the perfect time to give 100% to technique. And with the hope that soon we might be returning to the dance floor, it is also perfect preparation for that time!

Professional Audio & Video System

Two cameras - one showing our room in full view, and the other a close-up on our legs - ensure you can see all the details. A big screen at our end ensures we can also clearly see your movements.

Add to this professional microphones and lighting, and you'll receive an excellent audio and video experience.

Levels & Topics

We run several technique classes each week, giving you a range of options.

We have technique classes for beginners and intermediate dancers as well as classes that focus solely on followers/leaders technique. And our Saturday "workshops" explore a new theme every two weeks.

For our current schedule, CLICK HERE.

Little Space Needed

Over the past year we have taught students in even the smallest of homes.

You don't need a lot of space to dance tango. If tango can be danced on even the most crowded dance floor, it can be danced in you home!


£15 per person

The price includes a recording of the class which means you can repeat the class to make sure you capture all the details!

If you can't make the class, you can order a recording of the class and do it in your own time for just £5.


A virtual experience with benefits that are realer than real.

This is simply an excellent way to truly get to grips with tango technique. While you can learn a lot in just one class, continued attendance can give you an understanding and mastery of technique which will enhance your tango experience for many years to come.

Please always feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!