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A little glimpse into the online tango world, revolutionising how tango is taught. Some people have even said that they find them as beneficial as in-person classes!

Why not check out our schedule of classes. We hope you'll join us soon!

End of Class Demo

We're missing a lot in lockdown and one of them is our end-of-class demo.

But we have so many videos from past demos, we thought: why not post one once a week! Especially as the vast majority have never been posted on our blog.

And David and I will also keep posting videos of us dancing in lockdown with tips and inspiration on how to keep your tango alive!

Followers' Technique Workshop

And last Saturday, the focus turned to the follower, with our Followers' Technique Workshop.

Your teacher was thrilled to spend two hours exploring her favourite topic with such an amazing group of ladies (and gentleman!)

Leaders Technique Workshop

It was great to finally make space in our programme for a Leaders' Technique Workhop!

Thank you to the dedicated men (and two ladies!) who spent two hours with David last Saturday investigating their technique.

About Last Night

Missed last night's class? Here is a short clip of our end-of-class improvisation, demonstrating the movements explored.

The class was centred on calesitas (carousels), with different variations and creative decorations for the follower. Level: intermediate.

Tuesday Night Class

Here is a little clip of the step we studied last Tuesday night in our Intermediate Drop-in Class.

The class focused on how to create a more circular turn and finish with an unusual cross for the follower!

Video of Our Vals Workshop

It was a joy to explore Tango Vals last Saturday afternoon.

Our aim in our workshops is to find movements that bring the music to life.

Intermediate Tango Class Review

A video of our improvised demonstration at the end of our Intermediate Tango Class on Tuesday 5 September.

As always, the focus of the class was not to memorise the sequence but to understand how to lead each element of the sequence and play around with them creatively.

Tuesday’s class involved leading the follower lovely series of movements down the leader’s right hand side finishing with the lead of the front boleo. A step that feels as beautiful as it looks!

We worked with the followers to help them release their free leg to create more dynamic boleos and gave them a few ideas for decorations. Creativity in tango is not solely the territory of the leader!

This video clip features the step sequence several times (can you spot it?) but shows how it can be slotted into other tango movements too. As always the music is a top priority!

Any questions about this step or any other tango matter, just let us know in class!

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