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Tango Without Touching

I remember the moment Covid-19 turned from being a distant news story to step into our life.

It started with a baby step. In late January - when our tango classes were still packed with dancers intermingling and sharing embraces - a student nervously asked if she could do exercises on her own in a corner.

She was worried, she said, about the new virus in China.

“That’s miles away and China is an enormous country!” I confidently reassured her.

“But don’t you think it’s strange that they have shut down an entire city?”

A chill went through me but I quickly dismissed it. We had our big annual event to organise, a tango school to run and our children to look after.

Life was its usual, wonderful hectic self.

Tango Students Interacting

In the weeks that followed we were running on adrenaline as the countdown to our Winter Ball began. Promoting, rehearsing, organising, trouble-shooting.

As the big date drew closer, so did Covid-19.

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