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Tango in Our Kitchen

In the current crisis, our everyday routines have been turned on their heads.

But you can keep up your tango skills - with or without a partner - in the smallest of spaces and incorporate it in your daily tasks. As you wait for the kettle to boil, microwave to ping or toast to pop.

David and I have had fun with a tiny video project showing us practicing and improvising in our kitchen.

Restricted space? That's no issue. Meandering cats who don't understand the rules of tango floor craft ... well, that's more of a problem ...

If you have a galley kitchen like us it is perfect for practicing follower's decorations for the calesita (carousel). Lightly hold on to either counter and turn clockwise and anti-clockwise, changing from left to right leg and playing around.

Putting on a favourite tango is always great for inspiration.

It can be really absorbing as you can see by the fact I forgot to tell my cat off for walking on our kitchen counter!

And here I am improvising to one of my favourite tangos while "making a cup of coffee".

More videos coming soon with ideas for solo practice in lockdown!

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