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Summer Break

Summer Break

With our summer guest teachers – Junior and Guadalupe – jetting off to New York, we will now have a break until our return on Tuesday 4th September.

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On the Front Page

On the Front Page

Twenty years ago when I started tango, I would never have imagined that I would appear on the front page of one of Argentina’s leading newspapers.

But in one of those “pinch yourself” moments, it happened last Saturday.

I knew about it first not because of the article itself but because my Argentine partner’s telephone was constantly pinging while we were trying to teach class.

Every family member and every friend who had ever known him in Argentina were trying to contact him.

Because Clarin is one of Argentina’s top two newspapers.

We of course knew we had done a telephone interview with Clarin a few weeks back but we didn’t know that it would make the front page or that a double page spread would be dedicated to us.

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Hi! I’m Kim

I fell in love with tango in 1997 and have been dedicated ever since! Here I share my tips, musings and stories with you. Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear from you!



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