Lockdown has meant different things for different people.

For some people, it has meant endless hours to fill and the opportunity to pursue interests they’ve never before had time for.

For others, it has meant busier days than ever, dealing with one work crisis after another and a whole new world of Zoom conference calls.

Whatever the reality is for you, if you’re a dedicated tango dancer, there is one certainty: you’ll be looking for opportunities to practice!

A lot of my non-tango friends report wearing their comfy slippers on serious business calls. And why not?

But if you’re a tango dancer?

One of our tango students has told us he wears his tango shoes during board meetings. This means that when he has a spare few seconds in his day, he can practice his pivots, “lapices” and “enrosques” between calls. Yes, there are some clear benefits of working from home.

This story put a huge smile on my face. So here’s to all the tango dancers of this world who will not be defeated by the pandemic!