To call it a first dance would – I think – be a little bit of a stretch.

In fact I daren’t even put a number on it, given we’ve been married for 10 years and dance partners for close to 15.

So how about a dance that will always stand out in our memory? Without doubt! And that – considering the number of times we have danced together – has got to make it very special!

Some time back at the peak of lockdown, I was feeling disappinted that our 10-year wedding anniversary would pass without celebration. I know there were – and are still – far greater problems in the world so please forgive me this moment of self-absorption.

But little did I know that David was planning a celebration that would trump all the plans we had been forced to cancel because of Covid.

Something I in fact has always wanted to do: a renewal of our wedding vows (and party!) in our garden.

We were incredibly lucky that the date fell after some of the lockdown rules had been eased and just a few weeks before they were tightened up again. A small group of my closest family joined us (and David’s family from Argentina via Zoom!)

Unlike our original wedding 10 years ago which I planned in meticulous detail, this was much more of a simple affair. And we hadn’t even planned on dancing, let alone a “first dance”.

So when two identical twins walked into our garden and announced they had a surprise for David and Kim, we really had no clue what was going on.

The twins were in fact a singing duo that my sisters had organised as a surprise. And they launched into a wonderful set of songs from the Great American Songbook.

After so many months of lockdown to be dancing side by side with my family in the sun – which briefly came out in the early evening – was truly a blessing.

The last dance always belongs to David. But dancing on grass, in wedges, with voluminous folds of tulle spreading out around me, was no easy feat. But if there is one thing that tango has taught me and that is how to improvise! And David forever the gent helped me lift up the petticoats.

First or last dance, it was a day – and a dance – to remember!