We’re proud to present the official video of our Student Show, which took place at the UK Tango Championships in June this year.

Our Students opened the semi-finals with a choreography to the music Loca by Juan D’Arienzo. The students came from our intermediate and advanced groups and the majority had started tango with us as Beginners.

They worked hard in the run-up to the performance to perfect not only their movements but their togetherness with the group – which if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know is no easy feat!

Our aim had been to show the essence of tango with quality of movement, elegance and musicality. And guys, we’ve got to hand it to you, you had that in spades!

Although a little nervous before going out to perform in front of so many people, the students kept calm and held it together. It was amazing to see them all looking so composed and so glamorous out there!

We were very, very proud of them and can’t wait till our next Student Show at our Annual Winter Ball on Saturday 14 November.