We’ve been on quite a journey since opening our new tango space. Selecting our smooth wooden floor, installing a professional sound system and our wall-to-wall mirrors. It all took time and patience.

But now it’s time for the finishing touches. Details that are so important to ensuring our students feel completely at home in their new studio. Where they can learn and grow as tango dancers yet still feel the magic of tango.

Just like David and I love adding little adornments to our dance, we are also loving this last phase of our renovation. It’s been so many years that we’ve wanted a tango space that we could make our own – and we can’t quite believe it is actually happening.

Gilded mirrors, little sofas, funky coat hooks, twinkling candles, bistro tables … and we can still do much more. Check out our Gallery where we’ll be adding photos with all these little touches.

But there was one very big and important item missing! A coffee machine.

So it was an amazing surprise to walk into the studio last Saturday and to see miraculously sitting in the kitchen, a sparkly new Nespresso machine, complete with mult-coloured capsules. We couldn’t be more grateful to our student Bernard for this inspired and generous gift for the studio. We’re sure there will be many happy students enjoying his coffee machine both before and after their class and – we hope – for many years to come.

Thanks you so so much Bernard! Looking forward to sharing our first tango coffee together very soon!

And for those of you who haven’t done so yet, please come down and visit us soon. We are round the corner from Old Spitalfields Market. You can check out our latest Class Schedule here.