Take a draw-dropping venue, add live music, a great DJ, world-class performances and a fabulous crowd of people, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a 10th anniversary celebration!

Thank you for everyone who came and made our 2017 Winter Ball such a wonderful night.

A thousand thanks to:

    • Marianela Nuñez (Royal Ballet Principal) & Alejandro Parente (Colon Theatre Principal) for their unforgettable and breathtaking interpretation of the Dying Swan
    • Tango Legend, Alejandra Mantiñan for her superb improvisation with our very own David Benitez
    • The Tango Siempre Septet for filling the room with spine-tingling tango music
    • DJ Ewa for her fantastic choice of music and for ensuring the smooth running of such a busy programme
    • Our amazing students for their flawless performance and for making us swell with pride!
    • Alejandra Soto and APARU for tirelessly helping us with the organisation and Elisa Nieto McGregor for giving such a moving speech about the cause the Ball supports.
    • Laura Birnhak for her gorgeous cake
    • Debra Popplewell for her kind words and toast
    • my lovely husband David for always inspiring me to dance my very best.
    • and all the people who form part of Tango Movement and who we hold so very dear.

Photos and videos to appear here very soon!

Here’s to the next 10 years!