This weekend was very special for us. It was the wedding of two of our students, Nathalie and Stephen, who met in our classes a few years ago.

One of the nicest things about our job is the personal relationships that we form with our students. And really there could be nothing lovelier than to see a relationship start, develop and blossom through our classes.

Two student weddings took place last year, but as they were abroad we were sadly unable attend.

It was a real privilege to be present at Nathalie and Stephen’s wedding, to see them glowing and surrounded by loved ones and to watch their first dance … a tango of course!

Nathalie and Stephen danced a beautiful improvisation to “Bahia Blanca”, Nathalie making nothing of holding up her full length gown throughout (essential to display her delicate decorations). And we have never seen Stephen dance with such self-assurance (although he claims that this was far from how he felt at the time!). It was an emotional moment for us.

And afterwards we thought how amazing it is to think that it was our classes that brought these two people together and their baby boy (born last year) into the world. But then, as Stephen observed, their story is not so dissimilar to ours. If it hadn’t been for tango, we also would never have met.

So many congratulations to you, Nathalie and Stephen, from us and all your fellow students. May you have much love and happiness together for many, many years to come.