At the end of June, the Queens Tango Festival will becoming to London!

About The Festival

The Queens Tango Festival will celebrate the role of the follower in tango, with Ladies Technique workshops over the course of four days, as well as workshops for leaders focusing on the follower’s needs.

The Queen of Argentine Tango, Alejandra Mantiñan, is co-organsing the festival and has invited me as a contributor.

So since everyone knows that it takes two to tango, why the need for a Festival that focuses mainly on the woman’s role?


When I first started studying tango, I often felt that the role of the follower was overlooked in many of the group classes I took.

The emphasis of the class was very much what the leader should do, with perhaps the occasional nod towards the follower.

Old school tango teaching was very much of the philosophy that the woman simply needed to follow. If she had any difficulty doing so, well this this was the leader’s fault. This of course can be quite a convenient “get-out clause” for us followers! But we know in our hearts that there is plenty we can be doing to improve our tango. Plus we’d actually appreciate some guidance on how to achieve this!

But times have changed and Followers’ Technique has developed enormously in the last 15 years.

And at the forefront of this movement is Alejandra Mantiñan. Alejandra’s tango career spans more than three decades. She stands out in the male-dominated world of tango and has inspired a whole generation of female tango dancers. She has proved that the woman in tango can make a huge contribution to the creative partnership. Her role is to follow her partner, yes, but not purely so.

Key Festival Dates

I will be giving a Followers Technique workshop on Saturday 24 June as part of the Festival. I believe that with a clear understanding of technique, and practice, beautiful dancers soon emerge. The class will focus on foundation technique as well as styling and decorations.

On Sunday 25 June, David and I will be performing at the Closing Milonga of the Festival. David will also perform with Alejandra on the same night. This is our next official Tango Movement Night Out and we hope you’ll join us. The venue is La Divina Milonga in Marylebone.

More details to follow closer to the time!