I’ve always loved January. The year still fresh and full of opportunity. The sense of renewal and a new beginning.

And it is clear I’m not alone. Our tango classes are always the fullest in January and David and I love nothing more than welcoming new beginners at the start of the year. We see it as a privilege and a responsibility that these people will take their first tango steps in our care. And it is our mission to open their eyes to how magical tango is.

January after January we have welcomed new faces in our Beginners Crash Course. It’s crazy to think we’ve been running this course since 2007, making it the longest running of its kind in London. Continuously that is until March 2020.

We used to joke that our dedicated students would always find a way to make it to class, whatever was going on in the outside world. We’ve known students to trudge through snow storms and walk the breadth of London in a tube strike. But then Covid came along. And we all know what happened next.

Returning to our old venue after a near 2 year hiatus was both emotional and surreal. We had the sense that no time had passed at all, yet also the overwhelming weight of everything we – as a world – have been through. As I made my way along the corridor and up the stairs memories of the people and times we have had in this old building came flooding back to me. A lump formed in my throat.

So much had changed, yet restarting the classes felt just like someone had hit a pause button, and all we had to do was simply click to start again.

January is always a new beginning. But this January, the new beginning has a much greater significance. Just a few months ago, our most exciting daily encounter was greeting the postman at the door. It felt amazing to suddenly be greeting 2 fantastic groups of new beginners. Our January 2022 students will be definitely be a group we will never forget!

Whether you’re new to tango or have been dancing for years, we’ll have a class for you. Check out our schedule here.