We have had some tough audiences in our tango careers, but this was definitely a first!

Around 300 schoolchildren between the ages of 4 and 7 … and our course our own 6 year old daughter!

The moment had extra poignance for me as I was standing in the very same assembly hall that I had sat as a little girl … too many years ago to mention!

How did it come about?

Having parents who are dancers is not of particular interest to our young daughter. She’s so used to it and doesn’t think it is unusual at all.

However, one afternoon in school when her teacher was talking about ballet, she piped up that her parents were dancers. After that, it was just a matter of time before we were asked to come in!

Dancing in front of the little ones was a really lovely experience, but even more enjoyable was answering all their questions afterwards. When did we start dancing? How many hours a day did we practice? Why did we choose tango?

We had underestimated the level of understanding of such small children. And the best question of the day?

How does she know how and when to step?

Well, the best way to answer that question was clear.

David took the hand of an unsuspecting teacher from the sidelines and showed the kids how he could lead everything with his torso, even if the follower didn’t know the steps.

They loved it! And we think we enjoyed ourselves just as much!