A good dance floor is so important when we dance tango.  A slippery floor can hinder our movements just as much as a floor which is difficult to slide on. It can be the make and break of a good tango night.

This was in the forefont of our minds back in February when David and I were planning our new studio in Spitalfields.

We wanted a floor like some of our favourite milongas and studios in London. But we had a problem.

We were in the height of the pandemic and all the venues were closed. We weren’t even allowed to travel outside our local area!

We sat on our floor surrounded by tiny pieces of samples. We stroked them with our fingers, wondering how they would feel under foot and how they compared with the dance floors we knew and loved. 

But we had a feeling we couldn’t truly know until we actually danced on the floor. 

Then came the light bulb moment. We ordered just two boxes of the floor we liked best and we clicked together a little dance floor of about 2 metres squared in our living room. We put our tango shoes on … and danced!

It felt amazing.

But we knew the real test was you. For this we had to wait several months when we finally opened our studio. To hear tango music and see feet gliding across the floor was a truly emotional moment.

We couldn’t be happier that you love our floor. It makes all the planning worthwhile. Now we hope you’ll have many happy hours caressing our silky, smooth floor.

Join one of our socially distanced tango classes in our beautiful studio – click here for our full schedule.