It was our first tango show since the Pandemic. We weren’t sure what to expect. Outdoor events are amazing but even in London summertime they are a risky business and yes, rain had been forecast.

It has been so long since we last performed that as I got my show dresses down from a box at the top of my wardrobe, I had almost forgotten how to prepare for a show. What actually did I need? Hairspray? Hair grips? Fishnets? I hadn’t really used much of these in lockdown!

Every tango experience we have these days is charged with emotion. Hearing the music as we drew closer to the Scoop. Seeing the faces of our tango friends in the crowd and on the dance floor. Bumping into people we haven’t seen in so many months. The smiles on everyone’s face telling us they had missed these events as much as we had.

The free outdoor event was organised by the Argentine Embassy to promote Argentine tango in the UK. It was scheduled from midday to 10 pm with performances and social dancing. We were the last performers at 7 pm.

The Scoop is a small amphitheatre on the Southbank with Tower Bridge offering a spectacular back-drop. Just being in central London is a buzz for me after so many months of staying home.

There had been a huge downpour during the day, but it had turned into quite a beautiful evening. Perhaps because of the very unique set of circumstances, I can truly say it was one of my all-time favourite performances. Afterwards we gave a fun beginners tango class to the people in the crowd.

We felt euphoric afterwards catching up with everyone. But then the heavens opened. And boy did they open!

As the tango dancers scattered and the event came to an abrupt, premature end, we were so grateful to get this small window of blue sky to perform, teach and re-connect with people.

Thank you everyone who came. You made it so special!

We will post a video of our show soon!