This 2-week course does just what it says on the tin! Two weeks to get your teeth into “ganchos”.

If you don’t know what a “gancho” is, you’ve probably seen one! The gancho is one of the most distinctive moves in tango. The follower or leader hooks their leg around their partner’s leg. Amazingly, this move is actually led and doesn’t need to be pre-choreographed. And this is precisely what we’ll be learning to do in these lessons!

On this course, we won’t just throw some moves at you and expect you to get on with it. We’ll make sure you really get to grips with the core technique underlying the moves. So you’ll leave the classes not just doing ganchos but understanding ganchos!

All our workshops end with 30 minutes free practice time. No partner is needed – we will rotate partners throughout.

See our Workshops page for all the details.