On beach holidays as a child I would stand at the edge of the sea and watch as the tide washed out around my feet. I loved the feeling of moving backwards when I was actually standing still.

Tango they say is a discipline that you can investigate for the rest of your life. And if you standstill, you get the feeling you’re moving backwards. Just like on the seashore.

This is why it is so important to keep learning, reviewing and refreshing.

For me one of the great joys of tango – apart from the feeling of the dance itself – is the sense that the journey never ends.

Unfortunately, too many advanced dancers feel that there is nothing out there for them. And sadly for some, a little spark dies with this recognition.

David and I are passionate about making sure advanced always have opportunities to grow.

We have worked hard over the years to maintain a “true” Advanced class. We work only with those who we feel are ready for the class. We understand that “Advanced” can mean more complex sequences and movements, but it can also mean investigating the subtleties of the movements, the breath, the embrace.

And if you’re not – yet – an advanced dancer but are keen to come to our Advanced class to see what it’s like, our advice to you is: take your time! It sounds funny but you’ll make much faster progress if you take it slow! Tango success is based on a thorough understanding of the basics and sometimes it can take a while to realise that the basics are far from simple!

Check out our Level Guide and remember we’re always here to guide you on the very best class for you at your stage in your journey. Here’s to the road ahead!