Tango Diary

Performing at Our Daughter's School

We have had some tough audiences in our tango careers, but this was definitely a first!

Around 300 schoolchildren between the ages of 4 and 7 ... and our course our own 6 year old daughter!

The moment had extra poignance for me as I was standing in the very same assembly hall that I had sat as a little girl ... too many years ago to mention!


We can’t get enough of them at the moment. We have their music on a loop in our classes and we can’t stop watching their videos.

But nothing is like dancing to them live. We stumbled across them playing at a milonga in Buenos Aires last summer … and it was electric.

So when the opportunity arose to bring La Orquesta Romantica Milonguera over to London, we leapt at the chance.

Buenos Aires Tango Diary - Part I

August may be winter in Buenos Aires but it was the month that David and I chose to visit our friends and family in Argentina, hoping of course to fit in a little bit of tango. Who needs the sun to dance tango right?

We left London in 30 degrees heat, sandals and summer clothes and arrived on a dismal Buenos Aires day with lashing rain and wind. We had been prepared for a contrast but this welcome came as something of a shock!

Despite the gloomy start, the month ahead was to give us plenty of beautiful winter's days, with blindingly bright sun and clear blue skies.

Not so on the day we scheduled for our photo shoot with tango photographer Marcelo Di Rienzo though. As if to challenge our determination, it was an uncharacteristically cold day.

We had chosen a dilapidated building in the Villa Crespo neighbourhood for our location. In the UK, there would be all kinds of health and safety regulations preventing the use of a place like this - stairways with sheer drops, floors that seem to sink as you step on them ... but not so in Buenos Aires.

Tango Movement on the Front Page of Argentine Newspaper

Twenty years ago when I started tango, I would never have imagined that I would appear on the front page of one of Argentina's leading newspapers.

But in one of those "pinch yourself" moments, it happened last Saturday.

I knew about it first not because of the article itself but because my Argentine partner's telephone was constantly pinging while we were trying to teach class.

Every family member and every friend who had ever known him in Argentina were trying to contact him.

Because Clarin is one of Argentina's top two newspapers.

Broadway Stars at Tango Movement

Many of you will remember our wonderful summer teachers last year at Tango Movement.

Junior Cervila and Guadalupe Garcia taught our tango classes for us all summer and you absolutely loved them.

The good news? They'll be back again with us this summer! Dates will be announced in due course.

Junior and Guadalupe have had a really busy year since leaving us.

Not only have they got married - congratulations both! - but they have also starred - as the unique tango couple - in two Broadway Productions.

In December 2017, they were part of the cast for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita. And just this last month, they starred in Grand Hotel, The Musical, with rave reviews.

You can see them dance towards the end of this trailer for Grand Hotel at the New York City Centre:

Tango Movement's Tenth Anniversary Year

We always knew that our Tenth Anniversary Year would be special and it did not disappoint.

We kicked off our celebrations in January with an incredible Tango Movement Winter Ball.

Always an amazing event, we knew we had to really go to town to make our 10th Anniversary Edition extra special.

And we did!

Not only were we blessed with a superb performance by tango goddess Alejandra Mantiñan (performing with David Benitez), but we treated our Tango Movement students to a private performance by Royal Ballet superstar, principal dancer Marianela Nuñez. She performed the Dying Swan with Buenos Aires ballet dancer Alejandro Parente.

Tango Movement & The BBC

Last week, we were asked by the BBC for our opinion on the reason behind tango's global success.

On the 100th anniversary of 'La Cumparsita' - the most successful tango of all time - BBC Mundo (the Spanish language arm of the BBC ) asked tango professionals from around the world why Argentine tango is so popular in their country and why 'La Cumparsita' has captured the world's imagination.

They interviewed professionals from Turkey, Denmark and London ... us!

For a link to the interview: Click Here.

For the non-Spanish speakers out there, here is an extract from the article, translated into English:

Argentine Tango Guest Star

This Saturday, we'll be welcoming tango tornado, Alejandra Mantinan, to Tango Movement once again.

Here she is earlier this year with our very own David Benitez.

Stepping off the plane and into the arms of a leader she had barely danced with before, Alejandra always gives true meaning to the word improvisation!

Alejandra is perhaps the leading female tango dancer of her generation. Over several decades, she has inspired countless tangueras - and tangueros - with her inimitable dancing style and her mind-expanding teaching!

This Saturday 4th November, she will be giving two exciting Workshops in our studio in Soho.

We are headed for a sell-out this Saturday but are still looking for leaders to balance out the class. Simply send us a quick message to book your place and enjoy this exciting opportunity.

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