Here’s a word we seem to hear a lot these days: unprecedented.

We live in unprecedented times. And dancing tango in our living room is pretty unprecedented too!

Four weeks ago when lockdown in the UK began, most people had never even heard of Zoom.

Now taking a Zoom class is the new normal. Our daughter is taking drama classes by Zoom. And our nieces in a northern city of Argentina are taking Zoom ballet classes.

Staying in really has become the new going out. But do we dance tango in our pyjamas or do we get a little dressed up for the occasion?

That is the joy of it. It is completely up to you! But I must admit I get a bit of a buzz seeing that some of my students have got just a little dressed-up for our tango classes.

As most of the day I’m pretty much permanently in my lounge, “lounge-wear” seems to be the obvious choice. But it’s great to have something to dress up for in the evening.

It may not be necessary. But it makes me feel better (and anything that makes us feel good in these difficult times is worth it!)

Lockdown does not have to mean dress down!

And actually if you think about it, it is very much part of the culture of Argentine tango.

In Buenos Aires the older generation would not dream of going to the milonga (tango club) without dressing elegantly and smelling fragrant. It was seen as a mark of respect for their dance partners. And perhaps also a mark of respect for the art of tango itself.

So David & I get just a little bit dressed up for our classes light a few candles in our living room. It helps us get into the tango zone!

If you’re coming to our Zoom tango classes, you can join us in your pjs or pencil skirt, tracksuit bottoms or pinstripe trousers. We’re happy either way! We just look forward to seeing you on the dance floor in your living room!