Join us at the end of September for our Full Immersion Day.

It is the second time this year that we have run our Saturday workshops in this format. And last time we got such positive feedback that we’ve decided to do it again!

The day will be comprised of three unique workshops each with the spotlight on three distinct topics.

Each workshop will be followed by 15 minutes practice time to fully absorb the material. Or optionally, to give your feet a little rest!

The workshops are for both men and women and – as with all our classes – NO PARTNER IS NEEDED!!

See our Workshops page for all the details!

Our Topics:

  1. Adornments ABC – Making Your Dance More You
  2. Subtle Out of Axis Movements for the Milonga – Technique, Refinement and Fun
  3. Interpretation of Different Tango Orchestra – Fine-Tuning Your Musical Ear and Adapting Your Style.