Why is changing dynamic important when we dance tango?

Contrast, Expression … & Exhilaration

I am in love with dancing tango slowly. It feels dreamy and romantic. But I would never want to dance slowly for the whole tango. Even for me, it can feel a little bit like sleepwalking! You may aspire to dance cheek to cheek with your partner, but I don’t think you’d want her dozing off on your shoulder!

But I also wouldn’t want to do every step with the beat and without change. That kind of makes me feel like I’m dancing on a treadmill! Although every person has emotion to convey, dancing in this way can block the expression of that emotion.

Changing dynamic is a fantastic solution. It creates contrast and through that contrast it creates more expression. Expression, emotion … and exhilaration.

So take your time over a movement. Move slowly to savour every second … but then add an acceleration, a sudden wave of movement.

Video Demonstrating Changes of Dynamic

This video shows David and I improvising after a class. You’ll see how David allows me to take time to luxuriate over some of my movements before introducing sudden changes of dynamic.

And if you look carefully, you’ll see me smiling in one of these moments! Yes, I love to day dream but I also love it when my partner wakes me up!

Control the Energy

Followers don’t want to predict their every step. They love to be kept guessing, but make sure that when the change of dynamic comes, your lead is ultra clear. Otherwise your partner can end up feeling like a rag doll!

Changing dynamic feels wonderful, but it does require practice. The leader needs to learn to control the extra energy without pushing. The follower needs to learn how to absorb the extra energy and respond accordingly.

In our classes we often work on techniques and ideas for changing dynamic.

A Deeper Connection

Changing dynamic does more than add spice to your dance. The more you work with changes of dynamic, the more your partner needs to tune in and read your movements. This creates a deep connection within the couple, and the rest of the world just seems to slip away. For a few minutes at least.

And with everything that’s been going on in the world over the last 16 months, who doesn’t need a little escape?

Would you like to learn how to incorporate dynamic changes into your dance? It is a recurring theme in all our classes – both studio and online. Click here to see our schedule.